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    Make a Donation to CSFC! Empty Make a Donation to CSFC!

    Post  ^aDaM on Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:43 pm

    Hello all,

    We currently have a server that has only 10 slots Sad
    If some of you can Donate to the Clan, we will be able to put more slots.
    So we can have more players on... Also for those that Donate will become Server Administrators right away. And not forgeting Free life time suply of Cookies <3 Wink

    Please click the following below;

    {UPDATE from 12 Feb 09} Server now has 30 Slots! - And Clan Site on Pro (500MB HD, 15,000MB Transfer).

    1) Thanks to Rabbit, *is now Administrator of Forum/Server*.
    2) Thanks to Livid, *is now Administrator of Forum/Server*.
    3) Thanks to Blax,*is now Administrator of Forum/Server*.

    Please dont Abuse your Admin Rights on the Server, and most importantly dont use things you dont know what they are. Because you can do damage serverside Sad
    And this will mess things up big time. If you have any quations please PM me or Email or just simply reply to this Thread!

    Enjoy! cheers Laughing


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