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    Server Maps

    Love Muffin

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    Server Maps Empty Server Maps

    Post  Love Muffin on Thu Feb 12, 2009 6:02 am

    Can someone make a list off all the maps that we use on the server because when certain maps are chose i cannot connect to the server because i dont have the map downloaded, also can we add meps to the server?

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    Server Maps Empty Re: Server Maps

    Post  Spiros on Thu Feb 12, 2009 8:11 am

    I don't know the server's maps but here is a list of the maps I have [in this comp...] if adam wants any...


    PENDING: (fs) cs_assault.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_compound.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_havana.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_italy.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_militia.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_office.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_aztec.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_cbble.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_chateau.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_dust.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_dust2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_inferno.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_nuke.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_piranesi.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_port.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_prodigy.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_tides.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_train.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) test_hardware.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) test_speakers.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) $3000$_b1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 100hpsource.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 1corridoor.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 1corridoor_duffman.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 1corridoor_dust.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 1corridoor_kkk.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 1corridoor_kkk_gr2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 1corridoor_matti_cbble.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 1_stone_strike.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 2corridors.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 3corridoor_suite_small.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 3mc_training.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 3mc_training_32.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 3mc_training_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 3stories2005.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 420_shotguns.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 4wayfight.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 68_paitball_v3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_poolparty_classic.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_texture.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_texture2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_texture2_hwk_css.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_texture2_modified_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_texture7.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_texture_city.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_texture_city_advanced.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_texture_ultrafun.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ak-colt.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_deagle.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_icemap.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_scout_css.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_shades.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_tex-towers.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_towers.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) awp_crazyjump2007.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) awp_india_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) awp_lego_2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) awp_zvdk32.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_1998st_jail.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_alcatraz_b5.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_alcatraz_b8.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_civilwar_v1_beta.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_electric_large.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_electric_large_spfix.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_electric_outdoor.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_fog_fix.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_foxriver_beta2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_goduk.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_hellzprison_beta4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_prisonbreak_v1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_prisonbreak_v2_fixed.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_rapeus_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_release1_b5_a1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_release1_b6_a1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_release1_b7_a1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_v4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_xd_v1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_prison-break.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_prison_break_b5.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_prison_break_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_stadium.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) bhop_aoki.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) bhop_dust_fixed.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) blood_assault.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) breakfloor.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) breakfloor2k5.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) breakfloor_dontfall.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) breakfloor_space.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) breakship_b12.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) break_all.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) css_snow_battlefield.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_assault_ds.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_crackhouse.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_desperados.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_dracula.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_exile_b2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_harvest.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_italy_tactik2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_jailhouse.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_jungle.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_militia_anticover.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_militia_tm2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_minioffice.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_obstacle_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_parkhouse.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_spooks_s.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_aztecan_v5.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_erotischer.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_gyro.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_office.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_sprx.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_static_lastbetaz.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_temple_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_tp_percolate_oreo.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_tribute_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_trilogy.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_warehouse_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_3rdstreet.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_bahrain2006.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_cevo_hazard.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_contra.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_corse.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_cross_strike.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_damaged_beta.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_dolls.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_dust2_remake_source_r1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_dust2_unlimited.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_dust_extended_ukcs_b3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_fortknox.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_iraq.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_kismayo.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_losttemple.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_losttemple2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_losttemple_pro.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_nightfever.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_pariah.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_parthenon.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_persia.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_pira_legos.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_pyramid_css.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_rush.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_star.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_terminus2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_thematrix_11.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_tuscan.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_vegas_lite.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_villa.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_wanda.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_westwood_s.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_xmas_hotel.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) dm_lost_factory.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) dm_under.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) dr_horrorhousecomplete.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) dr_ramesses_revenge_v3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) dtka_deathrun_climax.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) dtka_deathrun_impossible.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fun_windtunnel_fix.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_buckshot_breakfloor.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_buzzkill_css.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_castle_wars_tex.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_iceworld_arena.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_lawlclanv2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_matrixlobby.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_paintball.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_paintball_valley.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_poolparty_real_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_poolparty_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_poolparty_v3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_pool_day.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_simpsons.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_simpsons_h.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_southpark2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_tallfall.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_twotowers.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_twotowers32.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_2houses.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_ag_texturetown.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_aim_shotty.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_an_funtimes.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_autumn.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_aztec_mini_beta.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_break_hillbreak.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_canyon.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_castle_wars.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_churches_x.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_cillage_ggn.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_cut_office.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_dash_courtyard.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_deagle5.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_devvy_hdr.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_dipmap.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_dust_simplified.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_fy_stoneworld_obe.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_fy_winterfun-m.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_giza.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_gladiator.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_knas_bunker_css.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_lego_arena.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_mario_vs_wario.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_mini_mario.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_mini_mario_2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_officeworld_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_poolparty_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_pool_day_gx.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_punishment.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_arena.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_dusty.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_forrest.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_green.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_house_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_neighbours.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_street.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_sundust.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_ultra.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_titanium.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_vc2_inferno.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_yardwars_ggn.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ghs_ggodds_jackal_paint.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) glass.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) glassassaultii_alagrand_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) glassfun.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) glass_assault_glasserver_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) glass_war.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) glass_war_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) hamster_balls.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) hosties_panic_texture3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) hy_paintball.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ka_amazing_fun.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ka_crazy-jump.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ka_soccer_2006_v3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ka_soccer_2006_v3fix.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ka_soccer_2008_v4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) knas_Sandland_CSS.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mcdonalds-mds.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) medieval_castle.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_bigballs.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_boulders_b2v5.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_dodgeball_b1v1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_maze_b1v3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_mouse_trap_v1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_nadewar_b1v3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_piratewars.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_precision_b1v3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_trapped_b2v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) musicalrooms_b3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) re_sliderace_collapse.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) re_slide_race.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) re_speederbase_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) scarth_paintball_cover.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) scoutzknivez.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) scoutzknivez_island.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) scoutzknivez_texture.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) sliderace_city.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) Slide_FaceToDeath_b1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) Slide_IcyRun_Beta.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) snowmandeath_beta.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) st_longdrive.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_10x_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_10x_reloaded.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_29_12_06.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_ag_texture_2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_akai_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_bathroom_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_bleh.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_breakfloor_final3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_eibertv1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_fightclub_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_greatriver.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_greatriver_remix.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_greatriver_v4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_japan_v4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_japan_v6.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_japan_v69.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_leet.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_leet_highroof_v4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_leet_xl_beta7z.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_leet_xl_reloaded_b1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_legends.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_machine2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_machine_fraqer_v1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_mai_remix.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_matrix_v8.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_ny_platinum.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_push_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_pyramide_hdr_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_rebel_resistance_final11.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_rebel_resistance_final2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_rebel_resistance_final4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_skate_pro.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_sky-adventure.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_skyscraperv3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_skytemple_b3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_skyworld.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_skyworld_double_b9.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_snakesonaplane_v2a.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_ss_finalsurf_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_thriller.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_year3000.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) swg_dodgeball_multifinal.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_7in1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_beach_valley.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_egypt.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_flow.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_funky.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_rebel_resistance_final2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_supermario.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_toonrun.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_toonrun3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_towers.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xmas_lodge.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_city_b3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_cliff_escape_v4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_echo_escape_b2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_echo_snowescape_v3b.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_hospital_escape_b1a.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_icecave_escape_fixed.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_icecave_escape_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_italian_escape_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_jurassicpark_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_mumbo_jumbo.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_sst_b2_1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_thelostworld_v1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zh_waterarena.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zh_zombiecrusaders_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_420_stronghold_v4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_arctic_escape_v1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_atix_extinction_lastbeta.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_atix_helicopter.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_boatescape5_remix.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_boatescape6_remix.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_city_graveyard.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_escape_black_lion.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_holdout_mountain_fixed.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_lila_panic.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_lila_panic_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_little_city_v5.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_little_city_v6.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_mystery3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_towers.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_tx_highschoolbeta7.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_x_dontfall_v1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zr_castlewars_b1.bsp

    Ignore pending: (fs)...

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    Server Maps Empty Re: Server Maps

    Post  ^aDaM on Thu Feb 12, 2009 11:37 am

    Love Muffin wrote:Can someone make a list off all the maps that we use on the server because when certain maps are chose i cannot connect to the server because i dont have the map downloaded, also can we add meps to the server?

    Hi there Love Muffin,

    Right at the moment we have;


    **MAP LIST END**

    Maps that are currently beging uploaded now @ 18:02PM / 12 Feb 09;


    de_nightfever.bsp - done
    aim_deagle_ultra.bsp - done
    aim_ag_texture2.bsp - done

    **MAP LIST END**

    No need to Download the maps from Internet Websites Love Muffin,
    Just simple connect to the Server and it will Auto Download them to your;

    Eg: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\username\counter-strike source\cstrike\maps

    The server is now set up properly for clients (players) to Download.

    Sorry for any problems that may of been caused! Embarassed

    Seeya's ingame Wink


    Server Maps Steamuserrs1
    Server Maps Quake3playerqj2
    Server Maps Stonerrf3
    Server Maps B_560x95

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    Server Maps Empty Re: Server Maps

    Post  deathoverdose on Thu Feb 12, 2009 12:07 pm

    didnt you forgot some maps adam?like compound?xD

    Love Muffin

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    Server Maps Empty Re: Server Maps

    Post  Love Muffin on Thu Feb 12, 2009 1:25 pm

    k nice one adam
    Muffin Fox
    Muffin Fox

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    Server Maps Empty Re: Server Maps

    Post  Muffin Fox on Thu Feb 12, 2009 2:42 pm




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    Server Maps Empty Re: Server Maps

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