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    Server Maps

    Love Muffin

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    Server Maps

    Post  Love Muffin on Thu Feb 12, 2009 6:02 am

    Can someone make a list off all the maps that we use on the server because when certain maps are chose i cannot connect to the server because i dont have the map downloaded, also can we add meps to the server?

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    Re: Server Maps

    Post  Spiros on Thu Feb 12, 2009 8:11 am

    I don't know the server's maps but here is a list of the maps I have [in this comp...] if adam wants any...


    PENDING: (fs) cs_assault.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_compound.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_havana.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_italy.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_militia.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_office.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_aztec.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_cbble.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_chateau.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_dust.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_dust2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_inferno.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_nuke.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_piranesi.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_port.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_prodigy.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_tides.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_train.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) test_hardware.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) test_speakers.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) $3000$_b1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 100hpsource.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 1corridoor.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 1corridoor_duffman.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 1corridoor_dust.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 1corridoor_kkk.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 1corridoor_kkk_gr2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 1corridoor_matti_cbble.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 1_stone_strike.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 2corridors.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 3corridoor_suite_small.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 3mc_training.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 3mc_training_32.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 3mc_training_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 3stories2005.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 420_shotguns.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 4wayfight.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) 68_paitball_v3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_poolparty_classic.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_texture.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_texture2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_texture2_hwk_css.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_texture2_modified_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_texture7.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_texture_city.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_texture_city_advanced.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ag_texture_ultrafun.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_ak-colt.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_deagle.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_icemap.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_scout_css.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_shades.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_tex-towers.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) aim_towers.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) awp_crazyjump2007.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) awp_india_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) awp_lego_2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) awp_zvdk32.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_1998st_jail.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_alcatraz_b5.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_alcatraz_b8.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_civilwar_v1_beta.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_electric_large.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_electric_large_spfix.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_electric_outdoor.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_fog_fix.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_foxriver_beta2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_goduk.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_hellzprison_beta4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_prisonbreak_v1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_prisonbreak_v2_fixed.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_rapeus_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_release1_b5_a1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_release1_b6_a1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_release1_b7_a1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_v4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_jail_xd_v1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_prison-break.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_prison_break_b5.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_prison_break_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ba_stadium.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) bhop_aoki.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) bhop_dust_fixed.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) blood_assault.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) breakfloor.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) breakfloor2k5.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) breakfloor_dontfall.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) breakfloor_space.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) breakship_b12.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) break_all.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) css_snow_battlefield.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_assault_ds.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_crackhouse.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_desperados.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_dracula.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_exile_b2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_harvest.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_italy_tactik2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_jailhouse.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_jungle.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_militia_anticover.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_militia_tm2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_minioffice.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_obstacle_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_parkhouse.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) cs_spooks_s.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_aztecan_v5.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_erotischer.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_gyro.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_office.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_sprx.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_static_lastbetaz.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_temple_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_tp_percolate_oreo.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_tribute_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_trilogy.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) deathrun_warehouse_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_3rdstreet.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_bahrain2006.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_cevo_hazard.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_contra.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_corse.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_cross_strike.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_damaged_beta.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_dolls.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_dust2_remake_source_r1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_dust2_unlimited.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_dust_extended_ukcs_b3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_fortknox.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_iraq.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_kismayo.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_losttemple.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_losttemple2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_losttemple_pro.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_nightfever.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_pariah.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_parthenon.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_persia.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_pira_legos.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_pyramid_css.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_rush.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_star.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_terminus2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_thematrix_11.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_tuscan.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_vegas_lite.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_villa.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_wanda.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_westwood_s.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) de_xmas_hotel.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) dm_lost_factory.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) dm_under.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) dr_horrorhousecomplete.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) dr_ramesses_revenge_v3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) dtka_deathrun_climax.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) dtka_deathrun_impossible.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fun_windtunnel_fix.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_buckshot_breakfloor.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_buzzkill_css.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_castle_wars_tex.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_iceworld_arena.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_lawlclanv2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_matrixlobby.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_paintball.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_paintball_valley.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_poolparty_real_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_poolparty_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_poolparty_v3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_pool_day.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_simpsons.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_simpsons_h.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_southpark2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_tallfall.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_twotowers.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) fy_twotowers32.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_2houses.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_ag_texturetown.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_aim_shotty.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_an_funtimes.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_autumn.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_aztec_mini_beta.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_break_hillbreak.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_canyon.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_castle_wars.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_churches_x.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_cillage_ggn.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_cut_office.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_dash_courtyard.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_deagle5.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_devvy_hdr.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_dipmap.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_dust_simplified.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_fy_stoneworld_obe.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_fy_winterfun-m.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_giza.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_gladiator.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_knas_bunker_css.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_lego_arena.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_mario_vs_wario.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_mini_mario.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_mini_mario_2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_officeworld_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_poolparty_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_pool_day_gx.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_punishment.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_arena.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_dusty.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_forrest.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_green.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_house_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_neighbours.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_street.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_sundust.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_simpsons_ultra.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_titanium.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_vc2_inferno.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) gg_yardwars_ggn.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ghs_ggodds_jackal_paint.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) glass.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) glassassaultii_alagrand_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) glassfun.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) glass_assault_glasserver_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) glass_war.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) glass_war_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) hamster_balls.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) hosties_panic_texture3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) hy_paintball.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ka_amazing_fun.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ka_crazy-jump.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ka_soccer_2006_v3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ka_soccer_2006_v3fix.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ka_soccer_2008_v4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) knas_Sandland_CSS.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mcdonalds-mds.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) medieval_castle.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_bigballs.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_boulders_b2v5.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_dodgeball_b1v1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_maze_b1v3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_mouse_trap_v1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_nadewar_b1v3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_piratewars.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_precision_b1v3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) mg_trapped_b2v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) musicalrooms_b3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) re_sliderace_collapse.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) re_slide_race.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) re_speederbase_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) scarth_paintball_cover.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) scoutzknivez.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) scoutzknivez_island.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) scoutzknivez_texture.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) sliderace_city.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) Slide_FaceToDeath_b1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) Slide_IcyRun_Beta.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) snowmandeath_beta.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) st_longdrive.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_10x_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_10x_reloaded.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_29_12_06.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_ag_texture_2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_akai_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_bathroom_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_bleh.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_breakfloor_final3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_eibertv1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_fightclub_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_greatriver.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_greatriver_remix.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_greatriver_v4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_japan_v4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_japan_v6.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_japan_v69.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_leet.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_leet_highroof_v4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_leet_xl_beta7z.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_leet_xl_reloaded_b1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_legends.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_machine2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_machine_fraqer_v1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_mai_remix.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_matrix_v8.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_ny_platinum.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_push_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_pyramide_hdr_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_rebel_resistance_final11.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_rebel_resistance_final2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_rebel_resistance_final4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_skate_pro.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_sky-adventure.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_skyscraperv3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_skytemple_b3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_skyworld.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_skyworld_double_b9.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_snakesonaplane_v2a.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_ss_finalsurf_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_thriller.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) surf_year3000.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) swg_dodgeball_multifinal.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_7in1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_beach_valley.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_egypt.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_flow.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_funky.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_rebel_resistance_final2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_supermario.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_toonrun.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_toonrun3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xc_towers.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) xmas_lodge.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_city_b3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_cliff_escape_v4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_echo_escape_b2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_echo_snowescape_v3b.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_hospital_escape_b1a.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_icecave_escape_fixed.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_icecave_escape_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_italian_escape_final.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_jurassicpark_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_mumbo_jumbo.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_sst_b2_1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) ze_thelostworld_v1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zh_waterarena.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zh_zombiecrusaders_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_420_stronghold_v4.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_arctic_escape_v1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_atix_extinction_lastbeta.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_atix_helicopter.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_boatescape5_remix.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_boatescape6_remix.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_city_graveyard.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_escape_black_lion.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_holdout_mountain_fixed.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_lila_panic.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_lila_panic_v2.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_little_city_v5.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_little_city_v6.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_mystery3.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_towers.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_tx_highschoolbeta7.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zm_x_dontfall_v1.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) zr_castlewars_b1.bsp

    Ignore pending: (fs)...

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    Re: Server Maps

    Post  ^aDaM on Thu Feb 12, 2009 11:37 am

    Love Muffin wrote:Can someone make a list off all the maps that we use on the server because when certain maps are chose i cannot connect to the server because i dont have the map downloaded, also can we add meps to the server?

    Hi there Love Muffin,

    Right at the moment we have;


    **MAP LIST END**

    Maps that are currently beging uploaded now @ 18:02PM / 12 Feb 09;


    de_nightfever.bsp - done
    aim_deagle_ultra.bsp - done
    aim_ag_texture2.bsp - done

    **MAP LIST END**

    No need to Download the maps from Internet Websites Love Muffin,
    Just simple connect to the Server and it will Auto Download them to your;

    Eg: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\username\counter-strike source\cstrike\maps

    The server is now set up properly for clients (players) to Download.

    Sorry for any problems that may of been caused! Embarassed

    Seeya's ingame Wink




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    Re: Server Maps

    Post  deathoverdose on Thu Feb 12, 2009 12:07 pm

    didnt you forgot some maps adam?like compound?xD

    Love Muffin

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    Re: Server Maps

    Post  Love Muffin on Thu Feb 12, 2009 1:25 pm

    k nice one adam
    Muffin Fox
    Muffin Fox

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    Re: Server Maps

    Post  Muffin Fox on Thu Feb 12, 2009 2:42 pm




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    Re: Server Maps

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